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Monday, February 19, 2018

Cheat Sheet: Fake a Winter Getaway Glow with the Newest Beauty Treats

Spend ten minutes on Instagram and you come to the conclusion that everyone is either on a spectacular winter vacation, or they are prepping and packing for an escape to somewhere warm and sunny.  But a tropical respite isn’t in the cards for everyone and hearing forecasts of snow and cold temperatures does nothing for the sting of the constant barrage of images filled with palm trees, bikinis, and drinks with little umbrellas.  Ouch.  

We all know, really, that most of what we see on Instagram is a total fabrication and no one’s life is ever as perfect as they depict with filters, cropping, and angles.  Lots of people save vacation photos or even those of their family or fiends and post them with intuitive timing to give the idea they are blessed enough to be jetting off into a sunset somewhere, when in fact they are most likely holed up at home just like you or me, dreaming about sand in their toes and how pretty their pedicure will look in those beaded sandals…… 

Time for a few tricks of your own to chase the sun, even if that means a little pampering at home, followed up by some clever selfies and well-edited old vacation photos.  We all know you have to “fake it ’til you make it”, and the best way to look like you have been kissed by the sun is to get your glow on using the new crop of makeup products that you will end up wearing all spring and summer.  Consider them a good investment, including for your mental health and wellbeing since that actual trip to Tulum you’ve been dreaming about is just not on this year.  

Here are some of the new products I’ll be using, amped up for sunset-light selfies (using Instagram’s Mayfair filter of course, and shooting against a clear blue sky or in the last five minutes of light as it streams through the window), and toned down for everyday wear, making everyone think I’ve just returned from somewhere exotic:

 All products available at Sephora 

                                                               XOXO Shelley

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Thursday, February 15, 2018

Vinyl Lip - Shine on with the Hottest New Lip

One of the most statement-making lips from the latest runway collections is the vibrant vinyl lip in electric shades.  Not to be confused with lip gloss, lip vinyl is highly pigmented, and less goopy and sticky.  The shades range from the palest to the darkest colors, and have a rich depth.  

This modern take on a solid color matte lip can work with any complexion, and depending on the shade can work boldly on its own, or more subdued with an interesting graphic eye makeup.  

This new trend isn't just for the makeup obsessed who want to rock a new look, as it can be worn in any shade you would normally wear whether that's a pale or a strong lip.  It's the texture and luster that is key.  The shiny finish gives dimension to the deep pigment, creating a luscious lip that is versatile and modern.  

                                                      XOXO Shelley

All products available at Sephora 

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Sunday, February 11, 2018

Supermodel Kate Upton Calls Out Paul Marciano of Guess for Sexual Harassment

The fashion and modeling industries were in a negative spotlight this past week when supermodel Kate Upton accused Paul Marciano of the mega-brand Guess of sexual harassing her after grabbing her breasts when she was eighteen years old, clearly taking advantage of his power and position over the young model.  

Rather than a situation of “he said, she said” the incident was witness and corroborated by fashion photographer Yu Tsai.  Upton told her agency about the initial incident and rather than receiving their support, she was led to believe she had to “pay to play”, and that this was normal in the fashion business.  Insulting her vocally on set by calling her “a pig” added to the abuse.  It brings to question the entire culture of fashion advertising, including the actual production of the images.  Surely Marciano’s comments did not fall upon deaf ears, and yet not one person stood up for Upton or called into question her treatment.  

Upton has bravely come forward and shared her story in the media, putting a spotlight on a part of her life that she has managed to cope with, relegating it to her past.  In no was is Kate’s experience unique or atypical in the modeling industry. Nearly every model has experienced some sort of harassment and lack of support. Young models need to understand that predatory behavior and abuse of power to exploit young people is not acceptable.  

When other supermodels come forward with their own allegations and experiences and make Upton’s voice not a solo but a chorus, it will surely begin to balance the power between models and the industry.  The more influential the model, the more attention will be drawn to the prevalence of this predatory behavior, and the industry’s lack of desire to correct it.  What the fashion and modeling industry will look like, how it will function, and how transparent will become depends on the courage of these models who name names, agents who support their models and seek to protect them, and when designers, editors, and studios finally respect the model's human rights.  Only then will their be a positive change in the business. 

I firmly believe there is potential to denounce this culture of sexual harassment and abuse, and the subsequent ignorance and lack of defense for the models, and to shine a light on the truly status-quo-altering talent and creative vision that shape the world of fashion, editorial, and advertising, a process in which the models play a critical role.  

If you are a model, know that you have a right to be respected.  Agencies must listen and take a proactive approach if a model has allegations of abuse or harassment.  Speak up and don’t be afraid to protect yourself.  Success achieved at great personal expense can lead to health and wellbeing issues.  Talk to other models, be fearless, and stand up for yourself and your future.  It’s not only about your career as a model, but as a woman, and a valuable human being.

Kate Upton news via Vogue:  Vogue.com

Kate Upton on Yahoo news:  yahoo.com

                                                      XOXO Shelley

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