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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Triple Threat - Cara Delevingne's Breakout Year

Cara Delevingne is one of the busiest celebrities on the planet, with a trifecta of major releases this summer and fall, putting her front and center.  Rarely does a model make such a smooth transition from the fashion world to arts and entertainment.  Definitely not a one-trick-pony, it appears that modeling with all it’s particular challenges was merely a warm up for much bigger things, as Cara leapt from campaigns and covers, to red carpets and movie screens.

As a model, Cara has stood out with her cool nonchalance, her androgyny, and her ability to still look like herself and her brand, while being transformed into editorial and runway characters created by editors, stylists, and fashion designers.  It wasn’t just her extraordinary eyebrows (while that certainly didn’t hurt) that catapulted her, but her own persona and unique personality that made everyone want to work with her – and, yes, have eyebrows like hers.  She is fearless in front of the camera, preferring to be herself, rather than conforming to a classic beauty ideal.

Animated and possessing a strong sense of self, Cara is a natural actress, appearing in this summer’s sci-fi feature “Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets”, "Suicide Squad", and in the upcoming film “Tulip Fever”.  While winning roles in movies is already a huge accomplishment, not to mention requiring a massive commitment and focus, Cara has somehow managed to drop a new music video to accompany her song “I Feel Everything”, the soundtrack to “Valerian” produced by Pharrell Williams.  But triple-threat Cara has one more release up her sleeve, this time as an author, anticipating her debut fictional novel in October 2017, entitled “Mirror, Mirror”, about identity, friendship, and how appearances can deceive.  Does she ever sleep?? 

It goes without saying that on one should never underestimate Cara and her ability to forge her own path, to set the trends rather than follow them, and to be in every sense, a renaissance women in her own right.  And admit it, you have to love her cropped platinum haircut – who else but Cara could pull off such a bold look without any hesitation?  We could all use a bit of that sort of self-defining spirit.   

                                                               XOXO Shelley

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Saturday, August 19, 2017

The FACE THIS: A Model's Secrets Fall Beauty Haul

Summer is winding down and as much as I will miss all the natural hair, an easy, relaxed makeup routine, and glowing summer skin, I always get a rush of excitement and anticipation when I see the fall fashion issues hit the stands and the shops fill up with layers, heavier textures, and deeper color tones.  I start obsessing about a smoky eye, a stronger more defined lip, and makeup looks that smolder rather than glow. 

I love to start with fresh, new products, and searching for them is part of the thrill.  Here is my first fall beauty haul, which will tie me over until the beauty splurge urge hits again.  By mid-fall I will be looking for products to add a little glam and shimmer to my holiday looks, but until then it will more likely be me matching my outfit to my makeup, rather than the other way around. 

All products are available at Sephora.com

What’s in your beauty haul for fall?

                                                             XOXO  Shelley
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Thursday, August 17, 2017

This Year's Cat Eye Step-by-Step Technique

One of the hottest beauty trends is the updated cat eye using liquid eyeliner, but it can be intimidating since precision is key or it can end up looking look like a hot mess.  (In which case use a sponge to blend it out into a smoky eye and use a dark shadow to create a soft focus, like you meant to do that all along.)  But don’t give up before you even try.  Once you master this technique it will become your favorite go-to look for just about every occasion.  Honestly, can you even think of Sofia Loren without a cat eye??  Would she even look like our image of her without it?  It will take a bit of practice, so keep the eye makeup remover wipes handy for the first few attempts and before you know it you will be doing a cat eye like a pro.

Pro Tip #1: Start with a primer on your eye area to help the liner to stay put and to minimize creasing. 

Pro Tip #2: if you choose to use false lashes apply them first.

Step 1:  using a liquid liner or eye liner felt tip marker draw a line from the outer corner of you eye directly toward the end of your eyebrow stopping a half an inch before your brow ends

Step 2:  starting at the end of the first line, draw a second line straight back to the inner corner of your upper eyelashes, leaving a triangle outline

Step 3:  fill in the space between the two lines being careful to not leave any bare spots along the lash line

Step 4: curl your lashes and apply two coats of mascara being sure to reach down to the roots, and then apply a single coat on the bottom lashes keeping them soft and separated

Keep in mind that this year’s cat eye is very angled and sharp, which is best achieved with liquid liner or a felt tip liner pen.   Chose one that feels comfortable in your hand since wielding it with accuracy is key.  If drawing a precise line is difficult at first, try using the handle of a long, thin makeup brush as a guide and draw along the edge.  Don’t overlook your brows: this look demands a properly groomed brow. 

There is good reason the cat eye trend endures in cultures all over the world for its ability to frame and transform the eye with a dramatic effect, being classic, sexy, and chic all at the same time, so the sooner you nail this technique the better.   Try these products to achieve your new favorite look:

                                             ( products available at Sephora.com )               

                                                                XOXO  Shelley

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